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Our mission is to create solutions for the worldwide homeless animal problem. There are over 30,000 animal rescue organizations in the United States alone and countless thousands more throughout the world we are currently supporting. These organizations are headed up by selfless volunteers who work tirelessly, because most often they are under-funded, under-staffed and often lack access to the technology that would help them to increase their exposure. We at Rescue Revolution provide this much needed technology and exposure. Animal welfare organizations depend heavily on their networks to share their animals and help them find homes, but their networks are often limited to people already involved in rescue.

We've created a new and forever expanding network through the use of our software as a service (SaaS) with the backbone hosted by one of the leading providers of cloud computing technology, Microsoft and their Azure platform! Read about our first solution Pose A Pet™ here. Along with the continued support of the Microsoft Biz Spark™ startup program, Rescue Revolution will continue to tap into the massive reach of businesses and charitable organizations to increase exposure for homeless animals. Our cutting edge proprietary technological solutions are a fresh way to jump start funding and create a more transparent donation network. We won't stop with our solutions until every animal has a quick and safe route to a new home!

Presently we are providing these solutions to a limited customer base, so be sure to submit your email for news and upcoming events to benefit your favorite animal rescue organization!